T-Doll power-up augments a T-Doll's capabilities with duplicate T-Dolls.

Tdoll powerup
  1. Select a T-Doll to augment, then tap on the slots on the right to select at least four duplicate T-Dolls to use for the augment.
  2. Confirm choice and tap the Augment button to complete the power-up.


  • Generally four duplicate T-Dolls of any type are needed for any power-up effect.
  • A warning will appear if the number of T-Dolls selected is too few to have power-up effect.
  • Duplicate T-Dolls are consumed upon augment.
  • To remove a T-Doll from the augment queue, tap on her icon.
  • T-Dolls of any type can be used for power-up.
  • The status panel on the bottom shows how much a particular stat will be increased, and the maximum limit it can reach.

Powerup Effect ChartEdit


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