This article covers the storyline background of the game.

World BackgroundEdit




(人形; lit: Dolls)

Invented in 2033, a masterpiece of the robotic industry, are human-like androids which possess high intelligence to assist mankind in various aspects due to heavy human depopulation after WW3 and ELID epidemics.

They were originally used for mining and other miscellaneous occupations, and are the main workforce of society.

1st Generation Tactical DollsEdit

A natural evolution from being strictly civilian use to being adopted for military use;

These were basic humandroids given a weapon and appropriate chip sets, these constitute the first generation Tactical-Dolls. First adopted in 2054, they possess the fighting capability of normal human infantry. They also make up the backbone of most PMCs, such as GRIFON & KRYUGER and SANGVIS FERRI among others.

Theory of EtchingEdit

Etching, theorized by Dr. Pascal. Is a theory stating that there is always an interactive data field between two objects, and so the field could be exploited to transmit and receive data without any delays.

ASST TechnologyEdit

Using Etching theory as a basis, ASST (Advanced Statistic Session Tool) was developed, allowing a T-Doll to 'feel' not only her body, but also her weapon. Allowing real-time knowledge of the weapon's condition such as whether a part is loose, or whether barrel warping from overheating is present. With this technology, the combat capability of T-Dolls is greatly increased.

2nd Generation Tactical DollsEdit

First introduced in 2060, two years after the completion of ASST Technology, they feature ASST, and have a bio-mechanical body. With combat and communication capability far exceeding the first generation. They also feature Dummy-Linking technology which allows a number of same-type T-Dolls to be linked to a 'parent' T-Doll as dummies, essentially allowing an infantry section to be formed around a single T-Doll.


I.O.P Manufacturing CompanyEdit

Founded between 2045 and 2051, I.O.P is the only manufacturer that produces 2nd Generation Tactical Dolls, and is GRIFON & KRYUGER's main manufacturer. The company provides T-Doll manufacture, repairs and research. The company also houses a special division named the "16LAB" where Dr. Pascal works, and it is also where Etching, ASST, and 2nd Generation T-Dolls were developed.

SANGVIS FERRI Industrial Manufacturing CorporationEdit

Founded around 2031, SANGVIS FERRI (Latin: Steel and Blood) is an industrial manufacturing corporation, and also the current largest PMC.

A high class AI system assumed control after an incident where their own T-Dolls revolted against their human masters, which left the corporation in complete control of machines.

GRIFON & KRYUGER Private Military ContractorEdit

Founded by Kryuger in 2051, GRIFON & KRYUGER is the current main and only user of 2nd-Generation T-Dolls, and the second largest PMC in the in-game world. The PMC is also currently the main human resistance force against SANGVIS FERRI.


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