Skill Training trains T-Dolls for increased skill effects and activation chance.

Research menu
Research popup
  1. To start, tap on an empty slot and select the T-Doll you wish to train
  2. The above prompt will come up with the requirements and effects. After confirmation, tap Start Training
  3. Training will be completed when the timer hits 00:00:00


  • Training a T-Doll requires Training Data, which can be obtained mainly via Combat Simulations. Also obtainable by random point drops
  • Different levels of Training Data are obtained from corresponding Combat Simulations
  • Only two training slots are alotted to the player. Currently, they cannot be increased.
  • Skill training requirements increase per level

(After Skill Level 3, intermediate training data is needed for further training. Ditto for advanced training data.)

Level-Data Cost ChartEdit

Skill Level Data Cost
1 100 (Basic)
2 200 (Basic)
3 300 (Basic)
4 100 (Intermediate)
5 200 (Intermediate)
6 300 (Intermediate)
7 100 (Advanced)
8 200 (Advanced)
9 300 (Advanced)

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