This is the in-game cash shop, where players can buy resources, infrastructure and other items using real world money or in-game premium currency called 'Diamonds'

  • The guide will only cover sections that need more explanation

Main InterfaceEdit

Shop main
  1. Tap on an item you wish to purchase
  2. Confirm payment to complete transaction
  • Purchase Diamonds - Used for purchasing Diamonds with real money ; Monthly Resource and Diamond cards are also bought here
  • Purchase Bundle - Used for purchasing Gift Bundles with Diamonds, bundles usually change after a few days and have special seasonal variants
  • Purchase Resources - Used to purchase resources with Diamonds
  • Purchase Contract - Repair, Manufacture etc. Contracts are bought here with Diamonds
  • Purchase Infrastructure - Used to buy extra barracks, repair and construction slots etc. using Diamonds


The premium currency of GIRLS FRONTLINE. They are bought here using real world money or can be obtained via Daily Login Rewards or other specials.

  • The currency is displayed in Renminbi, the official currency of China.
  • Diamond amount is listed with additional promotion amount added (包含额外赠送的_钻)

Monthly card

Resource Monthly Card

  • Monthly cards give a certain amount of resources or diamonds daily for the duration of a month


Infrastructure increases various slots and capacity for your headquarters

  • Echelon Limit - Unlocks an extra available Echelon team
  • Repair Base - Unlocks an extra restoration slot
  • T-Doll Barracks - Adds additional slots for new T-Dolls
  • Equipment Storage - Adds additional slots for new equipment
  • Infrastructure can only be bought with diamonds

Gift BundlesEdit

Gift bundles are regular and seasonal bundles that contain an amount of resources/items depending on currently active promotions.

  • Tap and hold over a bundle to see what it contains


Billing method depends on server. bilibili and DIGITALSKY have different billing methods

  • This section covers billing for real world money, not buying items using in-game Diamonds
  1. bilibili servers - Uses Paypal
  2. DIGITALSKY servers - Uses Alipay, limited to Chinese bank accounts only