Growth (A)

Sv98 norm

Sv98 dmg

Hp staticon
Health (C)

Dmg staticon
Damage (A)

Eva staticon
Evasion (C)

Acc staticon
Accuracy (A)

Mov staticon
Movement Speed

Rof staticon
Rate of Fire

Operational Effectiveness

157 → 3597

Supply Consumption NO.44
Ammo icon

Ration icon

Rarity : ★★★ Type :
CV : Character Artist : 幻象黑兔

Affects HG

Lv.1  ?% Activation Chance


Lv.2  ?% Activation Chance


Lv.3  ?% Activation Chance


Lv.4  ?% Activation Chance


Lv.5  ?% Activation Chance


Lv.6  ?% Activation Chance


Lv.7  ?% Activation Chance


Lv.8  ?% Activation Chance


Lv.9  ?% Activation Chance


Lv.10  ?% Activation Chance



Manufacturing Timer Drop Reward Other
03:40:00 NORMAL :


Model & Historical InformationEdit

The SV-98 is a sniper rifle developed on the basis of the Record sport rifle series also made by Izhmash.

The SV-98 is designed to engage targets up to 1000m, and features ambidextrous design, threaded muzzle for suppressors or muzzle brake, and a free floating heavy barrel among other technical features.

The weapon is currently adopted by Russian law enforcement and counter-terrorist agencies. It is also adopted as the standard sniper rifle of the Russian Airborne Troops.

Full Designation: Снайперская Винтовка-1998 (Sniper Rifle-1998)

Aliases: N/A

Country of Origin: Russia

Manufacturer: Izhmash

Design Date: 1998

Notable Service: Chechen/South Ossetia War

Classification: Sniper rifle

Cartridge: 7.62x54mmR・7.62x51mm NATO

Action: Bolt-action

Feed System: Box magazine

Rate Of Fire: N/A

Effective Range: 600m・1000m (With optics)

Character InformationEdit

Character Introduction:

Character Information:

Character Design Information:

Voice LinesEdit

Event Chinese Japanese English Note


SV-98 have arrived. Your orders?
Greeting Play Welcome back.
Secretary 1 下次的目标,是什么呢? Play What will be, the next target?

(Jp) I wonder what the next target will be?

Secretary 2 虽然不擅长近战,但是远距离射击,就交给我吧。 Play Although I'm not good at close combat, but for long range shooting, leave it to me.
Secretary 3 “要命中你的红心哦!砰——!”……哎呀!指挥官,被你听到了吗? Play "Gonna hit your bullseye! Bangーー!" ......Ahya! Commander, you heard?

(Jp) "I'll pierce straight through your heart! Bang~!" ...Kyaa! Commander, were you listening?

OATH Play Eh? This, this is beyond my expectations. But, I won't need to note this down right? Because once is more than enough. Commander, I'll never forget this moment.
Echelon Assignment Play I'll live up to your expectations without fail.
Power Up Play Thank you very much! I'll do my best at this pace.
Dummy Link Play Squad reinforcement complete! Everyone, make sure to have your sights prepared okay?
Restore Play Ugh, looks like I made a blunder.
Manufacture Complete Play The new equipment manufacturing has completed!
Logistic Support Deployment Play Commander, I'm off. Please take care while I'm absent.
Logistic Support Return Play We've returned. We successfully completed our mission.
Autobattle Deployment Play Support operations are my specialty, so leave it to me!
Operation Start Play Sortieing!
Combat Start Play Enemy reinforcements! Check your surroundings.
Skill Activation 1 Play Ready, aim, fire!
Skill Activation 2 Play I'll be fine at this distance!
Skill Activation 3 Play A perfect hit! Let's end the battle with this!
MVP Play It's all thanks to range and accuracy!
Damaged Play Ugh, I underestimated the enemies.
Downed Play I let my guard down. I'm withdrawing.
Title Call Play Girls' Frontline
(Unused) Offensive Combat Play We'll all attack!
(Unused) Defensive Combat Play We'll be on defense!
(Unused) Loading Play Commander, could you wait just a bit?


Event Chinese Japanese English Note
New Years Play Commander, happy New Years! I've been practicing in chorus, please come and listen!
Valentines Play Commander, um, please take this! I'm sorry, it doesn't have the best looks.
Tanabata Play My wish would be for everyone to be together from now on. Ah...this wouldn't be a real wish though I guess, since it already came true.
Halloween Play I'm just no good with Halloween in the end. I'm not good with costumes and tricks.
Christmas Play It's so enjoyable to have Christmas with everyone. Commander, let's put up Christmas bells.


Further InformationEdit

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★★★ TokarevAstraP08M9C96MakarovType 92Glock 17SerdyukovP99Type 59PSM
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★★★★★ Grizzly MKVM950AWelrod MkIINZ75Five-SeveN
★★ MP40Beretta 38PPSh-41M3Spectre M4IDWType 64M45PP-2000
★★★ MAC-10SkorpionPPS-43Sten MkIIMicro UziFMG-9Z-62EVO 3MT-9
★★★★ MP5UMP9UMP45PP-19PP-90
★★★★★ ThompsonVECTORSuomiG36CType 79SR-3MPRO635
★★ SVT-38G43FN-49SimonovBM59
★★★ M1 GarandM14SV-98Hanyang Type 88M21Type 56-SemiSuper SASSM1A1OTs-44SSG 69
★★★★ SpringfieldMosin-NagantPSG-1PTRDSVDG28
★★★★★ NTW-20Lee-EnfieldWA2000Kar98kM99
★★ L85A1G3GalilSIG-510F2000Type 63
★★★ AK-47FNCStG44OTs-12CZ-805ARX-160AR706P62
★★★★ AS VALType 56-1M4A1M4 SOPMODIIM16A1ST AR-15FAMASTAR-21G369A-91
★★★★★ HK416FALG41G11OTs-14Type 95Type 97
★★★ M1919A4MG42M2HBBrenM249 SAWRPD
★★★★ PKMG3M1918M60Mk48
★★★★★ MG5NegevMG4
★★★ RMB-93KS-23M500
★★★★ Type 97-1M590M37
★★★★★ Model 1887KSG-12

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