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OATH - Tactical Doll Special Marking System


Released on September 23rd 2016 with a corresponding Affection System,

The OATH Mark System allows commanders (players) to initiate OATH (Marriage) with a T-Doll once her affection is at 100 points.

  • A free "Proof of OATH" item will be sent through the Mail system for commanders after OATH is introduced. (Valid for 14 days after OATH release)
  • As a reward for current players, a one time Level = Affection conversion (Only applies for T-Dolls after level 35) will be done when OATH is introduced. Pre-OATH release level 90 T-Dolls will receive 100 (max) affection

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OATH SystemEdit

  • Maximum Affection (Affection value at 100) T-Dolls, can use the "Proof of OATH" item to initiate OATH Marking.
  • After successful OATH Marking, affection cap will rise to 150.
  • "Proof of OATH" is proof of the bond between the commanders and the T-Doll, and will be shown on the character interface of that T-Doll.
  • T-Dolls that have sworn the OATH with commanders, will have 30% shorter repair time.
  • Injured (Not full HP) T-Dolls, during OATH will be filled with happiness, HP will recover fully.

Affection SystemEdit

  • Affection can only be gained by T-Dolls with levels over 40.
  • For T-Dolls that have not initiated OATH marking, affection values are 1-100 points, base affection is 50 points. When affection hits 100 points, it is possible to initiate OATH with the T-Doll.
  • After OATH, the affection cap will be 150 points.
  • For T-Dolls who hit 90 affection, firepower, accuracy, evasion these three stats will be raised 5%; and after OATH, when affection hits 140, T-Dolls stats will be raised again for 5%.
  • After combat, an echelons' T-Dolls will have varying affection gain.
  • If a echelon member is defeated in combat (0 HP), then the defeated member will receive -10 affection, all other echelon members recieve -5 affection.
  • When defeated during Boss battles, affection will not be lowered.

Promotional MaterialEdit

OATH System Preview English Translation

External LinksEdit

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