18.12.2016 (EVENT)

Christmas Special Event announced

Duration: December 22 (After maintenance) - 29 (Before maintenance)


Complete limited-time daily quests to get exchange tickets!


Second batch of CVs announced


Event timeline - December 15 ~ January 13

1. Guessing Phase -December 22 ~ January 13

2. Partial release of new CVs on page

3. Announcement of winners - January 14 ~ January 15

4. CV release


16.9.2016 (LIVESTREAM)

bilibili Livestream Highlights

  • Operation Cube exclusive guns will return in future events
  • The teased big event is the second batch of CV voice lines will be done in collaboration with a big Japanese CV talent company, which worked on many anime and game projects like Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail.
  • CG shown in the livestream will be released on Baidu Cloud on September 17th 2016.

Feature timetable

  • September - Affection and OATH Systems
  • October - Dorms and Costume Systems

Q&A Section

What are those things on AR-15's neck?

  • Those are ear protection mufflers.

M4 SOPMOD II's art is similar to S.F. art, do the developers have special plans for her?

  • Well M4 SOPMOD II loves war trophies, as for special plans, maybe.

What do the T-Dolls do usually?

  • Every T-Doll has their own hobbies, like how G11 likes to sleep around, Suomi listens to heavy metal etc.

Zhibuo Niang (One of the livestream hosts) hasn't met with everyone for a while, are there new job contracts?

  • No new contracts, just a bit busier lately!

Does Zhibuo Niang have any 5 star T-Doll formulas?

  • No specific formula, depends on my daily lucky horoscope numbers.

When will there be official cosplay sets or clothing?

  • We had the idea before, but it will probably be something for the future, there are already T-shirts on sale on a small scale.

Features Affection System:

  • Base level of affection is 50
  • Affection is not only for the OATH System, also affects combat performance;
  • T-Dolls will have a 5% increase in damage, accuracy and other stats after hitting 90% affection, with additional 5% increases after certain levels beyond that.
  • Defeated T-Dolls will have an affection penalty, echelon members will also be affected. (Losing boss battles do not give affection penalties)
  • If a T-Doll has too low affection, she will be unwilling to fight and suffer stat penalties.
  • Affection level maximum cap planned to be 200.
  • Commanders that hit 200 affection with a T-Doll will get a special reward unique to that T-Doll.

Dorm System:

  • Every T-Doll will have unique actions within the dorm
  • Furniture system
  • Dorms will have different quarters

Costume System

  • Will be introduced October 2016
  • Might be freely changeable(?)


  • iOS 10 support and streaming capability added


Marriage teaser
  • OATH Marking System (Marriage system) announced, to be included with a future update
  • EXP UP Event announced (T-Doll and Commander experience x1.5)

Duration from 12 PM September 9th to 12 PM September 11th



  • SUPER SASS announced as September login reward
  • Three new T-Dolls, HG "P99"★★★, MG "MG4"★★★★★, RF "SVD"★★★★ announced and revealed

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