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Ntw20 norm

Ntw20 dmg

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Health (B)

Dmg staticon
Damage (SS)

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Evasion (C)

Acc staticon
Accuracy (B)

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Movement Speed

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Rate of Fire

Operational Effectiveness

162 → 3987

Supply Consumption NO.53
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Rarity : ★★★★★ Type : RF
CV : Ai Kayano Character Artist : RAN

Affects HG
Reduce Skill CD by 18%

[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.1  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.2  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.3  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.4  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.5  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.6  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.7  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.8  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.9  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Interdiction Shot
Lv.10 Initial CD 15 seconds / Skill CD 16 seconds% Activation Chance

After aiming for 2 seconds, shoot the nearest target for 8x damage.


Manufacturing Timer Drop Reward Other
04:45:00 NORMAL :


Model & Historical InformationEdit

The NTW-20 is an anti-material rifle developed by Denel Land Systems in the 1990s. Intended to be deployed against targets like parked aircraft, telecommunication masts and other targets using a range of specialized ammunition.

The NTW-20 comes with a muzzle brake and a buffered slide in the reciever which effectively absorbs recoil and a rare feature allowing changing of caliber without complete disassembly. Switching between calibers is done by switching the bolt, barrel, sighting gear and magazine.

The NTW-20 is currently accepted into service with the South African National Defense Force.

Full Designation: NTW-20

Aliases: N/A

Country of Origin: South Africa

Manufacturer: Denel Land Systems

Design Date: 1995

Notable Service: N/A

Classification: Anti-materiel rifle

Cartridge: 20x82mm・20x110mm Hispano・14.5x114m

Action: Bolt-action

Feed System: Box magazine

Rate Of Fire: N/A

Effective Range: 1,500m

Character InformationEdit

Character Introduction:Anti-material rifle NTW-20. Fortified steel wall or not, I will show you I can pierce through it all.

Character Information:

Character Design Information:

Voice LinesEdit

Event Chinese Japanese English Note


Commander, I'm the anti-material rifle, Denel NTW-20. I'll show that I can hit through even steel walls.
Greeting Play You finally returned. Commander, I was getting tired of waiting.
Secretary 1 能别站在我身后吗? Play Can you not stand behind me?
Secretary 2 谁?……什么啊,是指挥官呀。随便碰我的话,可是会受伤的哦。 Play Who is it!? ...What, Commander? If you carelessly touch me, you might get hurt.
Secretary 3 狙击的任务就交给我吧。哪怕是在草原疾驰的猎豹,我也会一击命中的。 Play Leave sniping tasks to me. Even if it's a speeding cheetah through the grasslands, I'll only need one shot.
OATH Play Up until now, my strength and convictions were all given by you. Commander, I understand. And now, I finally found it, a true reason that I need strength for.
Echelon Assignment Play It's finally the sniper's turn.
Power Up Play With this my range increases even further. I'm indebted.
Dummy Link Play Reinforcement completed. Aren't I a bit too strong now?
Restore Play There are times when this happens to even me? Then, I'll leave it to you.
Manufacture Complete Play A new gun has completed. Is it a sniper like me?
Logistic Support Deployment Play Begin mobilizing? Leave it to me.
Logistic Support Return Play Mission completed. Wasn't it a bit too simple?
Autobattle Deployment Play If it's support, just leave it all to me.
Operation Start Play Sortieing huh, roger.
Combat Start Play Capture the enemies, begin attack.
Skill Activation 1 Play!
Skill Activation 2 Play The target is them, all ready?
Skill Activation 3 Play For the enemies to make a mouse out of me, what fools.
MVP Play Alright, let's head back. Mission clear!
Damaged Play Gaah!! For me to be...
Downed Play Apologies, I'm withdrawing.
Title Call Play Girls' Frontline
(Unused) Offensive Combat Play Begin concentrated attack!
(Unused) Defensive Combat Play Switching to defense.
(Unused) Loading Play Please allow a bit more time.


Event Chinese Japanese English Note
New Years Play Commander, I hope we'll get along this year as well.
Valentines Play Do you dislike heart shaped chocolates...?
Tanabata Play I'm good at shooting galleries. Commander, is there a prize that you want? I'll be able to get anything. She's probably at one of those mini shooting galleries at a Tanabata festival.
Halloween Play If it's Halloween then there's a costume party right? Are we having one? I'm looking forward to it.
Christmas Play Is there going to be a white Christmas? I've never seen snow before. I'm looking forward to it.


  • Dubbed the 'Africannon' (非洲大砲) by the Chinese community for its extremely high damage and country of origin.

Further InformationEdit

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