英格拉姆 MAC-10
Growth (A)

Mac10 norm

Mac10 dmg

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Health (B)

Dmg staticon
Damage (B)

Eva staticon
Evasion (A)

Acc staticon
Accuracy (C)

Mov staticon
Movement Speed

Rof staticon
Rate of Fire

Operational Effectiveness

163 → 3730

Supply Consumption NO.18
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Rarity : ★★★ Type :
CV : 小仓结衣

Yui Ogura

Character Artist : SA

Affects ?

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Lv.1  ?% Activation Chance


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Lv.2  ?% Activation Chance


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Lv.3  ?% Activation Chance


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Lv.4  ?% Activation Chance


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Lv.5  ?% Activation Chance


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Lv.6  ?% Activation Chance


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Lv.7  ?% Activation Chance


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Lv.8  ?% Activation Chance


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Lv.9  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・{{{enskillname}}}
Lv.10  ?% Activation Chance



Manufacturing Timer Drop Reward Other
02:00:00 NORMAL :


Model & Historical InformationEdit

The MAC-10 is a compact machine pistol developed by Gordon B. Ingram in 1964. Chambered in .45 ACP or 9mm.

The weapon has a high rate of fire, compact size and light weight, and was adopted for use by special forces.

Full Designation: Military Armament Corporation Model 10 (M-10)

Aliases: Ingram

Country of Origin: United States

Manufacturer: Military Armament Corporation

Design Date: 1964

Notable Service: Vietnam War・Miami Drug Wars

Classification: Machine pistol

Cartridge: .45 ACP・9x19mm Parabellum

Action: Selective-fire

Feed System: Box magazine

Rate Of Fire: 1090 RPM (.45 ACP)・1250 RPM (9mm)

Effective Range: 50m (.45 ACP)・70m (9x19mm Parabellum)

Character InformationEdit

Character Introduction:

Character Information:

Character Design Information:

Voice LinesEdit

Event Chinese Japanese English Note
Acquisition 哼哼♪ 我的指挥官,您想干掉谁呢? 英格拉姆乐意效劳。


Hnhn♪ My commander, who do you want dead? Ingram will be happy to help.

(Jp)If given Commander's instructions...I, Ingram M10, would be delighted to carry them out.

Greeting Play Welcome back.
Secretary 1 指挥官,请注意脚下,差点踩到蚂蚁了…… Play Commander, watch your feet, almost stepped on an ant......
Secretary 2 朋友?那种东西有什么意思呢? Play Friends? What kind of meaning does that thing have?

(Jp) Friends? I have no interest in such things...

Secretary 3 从没打算过能被大家喜欢,反正强大的人总是孤独的吧。 Play I never thought of being liked by everyone, the strong are always alone after-all.
OATH Play Commander, you'd accept even someone such as me? I understand, Commander, let us search for something enjoyable together.
Echelon Assignment Play I shall live up to Commander's expectations.
Power Up Play Maintenance is important.
Dummy Link Play Is that so? Looks like the fun will double!
Restore Play Hmph, just watch me next time.
Manufacture Complete Play I wonder if she'll be strong this time.
Logistic Support Deployment Play Understood, leave it to me.
Logistic Support Return Play We've returned. Nothing happened while I was away, right?
Autobattle Deployment Play Please allow this Ingram to take part in some enjoyment.
Operation Start Play Weaklings just make me want to crush them.
Combat Start Play Enemy troops...we can smash them to pieces right?
Skill Activation 1 Play Go! Go!
Skill Activation 2 Play Please relax and die.
Skill Activation 3 Play Well then, let's prepare the massacre shall we.
MVP Play This is simply the survival of the fittest.
Damaged Play Ugh...This damage done...I'll repay back a hundred fold!
Downed Play I won't accept...being weak!
Title Call Play Girls' Frontline
(Unused) Offensive Combat Play Kill them all!
(Unused) Defensive Combat Play Tch, if it's an order then it can't be helped.
(Unused) Loading Play It's best to just wait for now.


Event Chinese Japanese English Note
New Years Play I need to give my congratulations, Commander. Happy New Year!
Valentines Play Here, it's a Valentine's chocolate. There's no poison in it or anything. *Giggles*
Tanabata Play Tanabata? It's unrelated to me.
Halloween Play Since it's finally Halloween, how about we do a test of courage? Fufu,fuahahahaha, I'm getting chills!
Christmas Play Christmas is fun. The chicken and the cake are delicious.


Further InformationEdit

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★★ SVT-38G43FN-49SimonovBM59
★★★ M1 GarandM14SV-98Hanyang Type 88M21Type 56-SemiSuper SASSM1A1OTs-44SSG 69
★★★★ SpringfieldMosin-NagantPSG-1PTRDSVDG28
★★★★★ NTW-20Lee-EnfieldWA2000Kar98kM99
★★ L85A1G3GalilSIG-510F2000Type 63
★★★ AK-47FNCStG44OTs-12CZ-805ARX-160AR706P62
★★★★ AS VALType 56-1M4A1M4 SOPMODIIM16A1ST AR-15FAMASTAR-21G369A-91
★★★★★ HK416FALG41G11OTs-14Type 95Type 97
★★★ M1919A4MG42M2HBBrenM249 SAWRPD
★★★★ PKMG3M1918M60Mk48
★★★★★ MG5NegevMG4
★★★ RMB-93KS-23M500
★★★★ Type 97-1M590M37
★★★★★ Model 1887KSG-12

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