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Kar98k norm

Kar98k dmg

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Health (B)

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Damage (A)

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Evasion (A)

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Accuracy (B)

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Movement Speed

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Rate of Fire

Operational Effectiveness

150 → 3869

Supply Consumption NO.46
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Rarity : ★★★★★ Type : RF
CV : Ai Kayano Character Artist : Samail

Affects Affects handguns only
Raises 25% Skill activation rate
Reduce Skill CD by 18%

  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.1  ?% Activation Chance


  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.2  ?% Activation Chance


  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.3  ?% Activation Chance


  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.4  ?% Activation Chance


  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.5  ?% Activation Chance


  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.6  ?% Activation Chance


  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.7  ?% Activation Chance


  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.8  ?% Activation Chance


  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.9  ?% Activation Chance


  瞄准射击・Chain Shot
Lv.10 Initial CD 8 seconds / Skill CD 16 seconds% Activation Chance

Takes two aimed shots, aiming for 1 second each time and shooting the current target for 3.5x damage.


Manufacturing Timer Drop Reward Other
04:40:00 NORMAL :


Model & Historical InformationEdit

The Kar98k is a bolt-action rifle that was adopted as the standard service rifle of the Wehrmacht on 21 June 1935.

The design is derived from the earlier Mauser Standardmodell 1924 and the Karabiner 98b, which were in turn developed from the Gewehr 98 used in the First World War.

The Kar98k is noted for its reliability, great accuracy and high effective range.

One of the final developments in the long line of Mauser military rifles, it remained the primary German service rifle until the end of the Second World War.

Full Designation: Karabiner 98 kurz (Carbine 98 short)

Aliases: Kars

Country of Origin: Nazi Germany

Manufacturer: Mauser

Design Date: 1935

Notable Service: WW2・1948 Arab-Israeli/Korean/Vietnam/Six-Day/Yom Kippur/Soviet-Afghan/Iran-Iraq/Yugoslavian/Iraq/Syrian Civil War

Classification: Bolt-action rifle

Cartridge: 7.92x57mm Mauser

Action: Bolt-action

Feed System: Internal magazine w/

Rate Of Fire: N/A

Effective Range: 500m・1000m+ (With optics)

Character InformationEdit

Character Introduction:I, Mauser Kar98k, will do my best for your sake. Please allow me to sweep aside the obstacles in your path.

Character Information:

Character Design Information:

Voice LinesEdit

Event Chinese Japanese English Note


I, Mauser Kar98k, will do my best for your sake. Please allow me to sweep aside the obstacles in your path.
Greeting Play Greetings, Commander.
Secretary 1 偶尔想来我的房间,也不是不可以哦,哼哼…… Play If you want to come to my room occasionally, that's not prohibited, hnhn......

(JP) It's fine to occasionally visit my room you know... *giggles*

Secretary 2 指挥官,别做这么过分的事,其他的孩子也会感到困扰的…… Play Commander, don't do something so outrageous, the other children will feel bothered too......

(JP) Commander, please cease any disgraceful acts, you'll trouble the other girls.

Secretary 3 我现在正在进行战术方面的学习,指挥官,你也在好好做自己的份内之事吗? Play I am currently studying tactics, commander, are you doing what's within your responsibility properly too?
OATH Play Eh? You've determined to serve me for eternity...? Then...Hold out your hand, I shall engrave this contract in my body for eternity... Now then, ufufu, please treat me well.
Echelon Assignment Play My, is it alright to choose me?
Power Up Play My, how wonderful.
Dummy Link Play Squad reinforcement? I hope my lineage doesn't thin.
Restore Play Repairs again? I wonder who will tend to me?
Manufacture Complete Play My, my, I wonder what type of girl has come this time.
Logistic Support Deployment Play I have to go? I guess it can't be helped.
Logistic Support Return Play We've returned! Please look at our results!
Autobattle Deployment Play We're sometimes forced to do this huh. Well then, have a look over here!
Operation Start Play Alright, it's time to reveal my strength!
Combat Start Play My, my, enemies!
Skill Activation 1 Play Prepare yourselves.
Skill Activation 2 Play Listen now, your sins deserve you death!
Skill Activation 3 Play Fools, our technology is the best in the world!
MVP Play Everyone, I hope we'll all continue in this pace.
Damaged Play You cruel vermin!
Downed Play I'm sorry, I can't anymore.
Title Call Play Girls' Frontline
(Unused) Offensive Combat Play Now! We'll attack altogether!
(Unused) Defensive Combat Play We shall protect this place!
(Unused) Loading Play


Event Chinese Japanese English Note
New Years Play Happy New Years! I've been in your care for a year now.
Valentines Play Commander, please have some of my chocolate.
Tanabata Play
Halloween Play Halloween huh. Ei! Commander-san, if you don't want to be teased, then please give some candy. *giggles*
Christmas Play Today is the holy Christmas. Let us pray that this day will be full of joy.


Further InformationEdit

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