Please feel free to add appropriate content to any pages or sections that are missing content!

  • (WIP / Placeholder or blank sections / pages)


  • Editor(s) to regularly maintain update & news pages wanted
  • Active contributors wanted


  • Guide pages planned for streamline and update (some possibly outdated)
  • Seasonal page is empty
  • Various pages need optimizations
  • Dorm mechanic page WIP; lacking images
  • T-Doll page template probably needs improvements;New T-Dolls not added in list
  • Almost all T-Doll pages are using old template parameters, need update.
  • Logistic Support for episode 6 and 7 are needed.
  • Event incoming, need info on event pages!
  • Update updates archive
  • Tile effects for almost everyone


  • More data charts wanted
  • Visual improvement and other quality of life improvements wanted

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