What are templates?

Templates are essentially "utility" pages that may have varying code and features etc. that can be "called" onto another page like an addon.

The way they're used is by first being called into the page, then if the template itself is coded for it, having pre-set parameters filled to fit the target page's content.

For example:

Let's say we're writing a template named "Protoupdate" that is used for showing updates

A page named "Template:Protoupdate" will be created, and the following will be its content

Date of update: {{{date}}}

Update content: {{{info}}}
  • Parameters are indicated by {{{ }}}, and can be named anything.

(Best to name it something relevant and/or after it's role)

Now in another non-related page, you enter source editing mode and enter

|date = 200x.1.23
|info =Ara ara

This will call the template in and set those as the "content" of the parameters

The resulting page after all that will display as

Date of update: 200x.1.23

Update content: Ara ara


are enclosures for 'calling' the template.
  • Position of the parameters do not matter in the non-template page.

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