This article covers basic and semi-advanced editing,

Thank you for taking the first step to help us make this Wikia the best there is!

This guide is kept as short and comprehensive as possible for ease of reading.

More information available at Wikia Community

And a big thank you to zh.Kancolle Wikia for permission to reference their guide!


To edit a page, simply tap on the "Edit" button on the top left.

  • Tapping the small arrow beside the Edit button shows more options, including a Classic Editor selection.
  • The default Visual editor may not play nice with template-using pages.

Create a new page by tapping the "New page" button on the top right.

  • Extra Note: When moving/renaming pages please untick the "Redirect" option, as redirect pages clogging up the Wikia is not desired.
  • If you require more permissions, contact the administrators and your request will be evaluated.
  • Any information helps! Don't worry if you feel like your edit won't fit in with the pages!

Source editorEdit

If you meet a page that isn't "editable" by the visual editor or classical editor;

Try using the source editor. Such pages are usually pages that use advanced code or templates.

Location Source

Source edit mode is the editing mode that allows editing of pages via wikitext or some HTML.

  • In the VisualEditor (Default editor), it's accessed via the toolbar menu.
  • In the classic editor, click the 'Source' tab above the edit area.

If you wish to always edit in source mode, you can switch to use source as default in your preferences.

  • If you're really unable to edit such pages by yourself, leave the information you wish to contribute somewhere in the page or on the wall of the admins and/or other active members. Others will take care of the integration for you.


Help with categorizing pages and images into relevant categories is very appreciated,

It's tedious work but essential for better organization of data.

  • Any EDITING/MANAGEMENT related categories should be named in ALLCAPS to ensure visibility against default Wikia categories.

Categories are listed here

Basics end here! Semi-advanced content below!


Sandboxes for testing layouts, codes etc.





  • Assigned template: None, all-purpose sandbox.


  • Assigned template: None; Special purpose beginner sandbox


Templates in serviceEdit

Complete list of templates here

  • Please do not modify the default Wikia templates.
  • Editing and management templates are named in ALLCAPS.


Site design-related

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