This section covers echelon assembly and formation selection.

Echelon AssemblyEdit


Combat Echelons are assembled in this menu -

  1. Tap on an empty slot
  2. Tap on a T-Doll you wish to add to the echelon
  3. To swap T-Doll order in an echelon, drag to rearrange


  • The first slot in an echelon determines who the echelon leader is
  • If a T-Doll is swapped between echelons, the slot where she was in before swapping will be empty after transferring.
  • Echelon leaders have additional base experience gain
  • Tap on the '+' symbol on a T-Doll to access additional statistics and access equipment

T-Doll TypesEdit

This section will use generalized 'ABC' grading to give an general overview on type differences

Type Handgun (HG) Submachine Gun (SMG) Shotgun (SG) Assault Rifle (AR) Rifle (RF) Machine Gun (MG)
Damage C C N/A B A A
Accuracy C C N/A B A C
Evasion B A N/A B C C
Rate of Fire B A N/A A C A

(Has reloading; unable to attack during reload phase)

Health C A N/A B C B
Ammunition Consumption Low Medium N/A Medium Medium High
Boosts in Formation All AR NA SMG (Usually) HG None
Range Short Short N/A Medium Long Long
Movement Speed Fast Fast N/A Medium Medium Slow
Targeting Priority Random Focused N/A Focused Rear Line Focused


Formations are set by tapping 'Formation Pre-Assembly'.

Formations confer different bonuses depending on echelon composition and affect combat considerably.

Effect TilesEdit

Most T-Doll types will provide buffs to certain tiles adjacent to them.


Formation Menu

Be sure to take them into consideration when building echelons and formations.

  1. Handguns (HG) boost all T-Doll types.
  2. Submachine Guns (SMG) boost Assault Rifles.
  3. Assault Rifles (AR) boost Submachine Guns.
  4. Rifles (RF) boost Handguns.
  5. Machine Guns (MG) boost Shotguns.
  6. Shotguns (SG) boost Machine Guns.

Formation positioningEdit

T-Dolls in the far right column (Frontal positions) are preferentially targeted. The front-center position is most likely to be targeted by enemies and will take most of the incoming damage.

  • AR小组 (AR Team) members M16A1M4A1M4 SOPMODIIST AR-15 boost Assault Rifles instead of Submachine Guns.
  • Formations can be changed mid-mission by pausing the operation, and going back to the formation menu to adjust accordingly, then returning to combat.
  • Handgun (HG) effect boosts multiply with dummy links.

Stat CapsEdit

These are stat ceilings, which mean said stat cannot be boosted past the limit stated here.

  • HG/SMG/AR/RF rate of fire limit is 120
  • SG rate of fire limit is 60
  • Skill cooldown effect limit is 30%