Equipment ranges from scopes and sights, exoskeletons to different ammunition types, each give different bonuses and penalties to T-Dolls depending on their type.

Certain equipment can only be used by certain T-Doll types.

For a complete list of equipment, check the equipment list (WIP)

Equipment can also be improved via Equipment Calibration and Equipment Strengthen in the Research menu.


Equipment is equipped in the Formation menu

  1. Tap the '+' symbol on a T-Doll to show the statistics page or tap the Display Equipment checkbox
  2. There will be a equipment slot available if the T-Doll is at least level 20, tap it to select equipment to equip.
  3. Tap on an equipment item to equip it
  • Mission 2-6 must be completed before Equipment features are unlocked


Type Effect Usable By

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