Dummy linking is a mechanic where a extra 'dummy' of a T-Doll is created.

This essentially multiplies the combat effectiveness of the T-Doll as the dummies function like the original.

There are two methods of dummy-linking, duplicates and cores.

  1. To start, select a T-Doll you wish to dummy link (Level 10 minimum) , then tap on the slots on the right to select another duplicate T-Doll. The duplicate is consumed upon linking
  1. Alternatively, if duplicates are unavailable, cores can be used to dummy-link. They essentially substitute the duplicate T-Doll and are consumed upon linking
  1. If conditions are met, tap Dummy Link to initiate dummy-linking


  • Dummy-link requirements increase gradually with links.
  • Dummy-linking increases HP along with ammunition/ration consumption
  • Cores are hard to obtain, so judge carefully before spending cores on dummy linking

(Recommended use: Use cores to dummy-link hard to obtain T-Dolls, wait for duplicates for more common ones)

Dummy Link Core CostEdit

Rarity x2 Link (Level 10) 3x Link (Level 30) x4 Link (Level 70) x5 Link (Level 90)
★★ Core x1 Core x1 Core x2 Core x3
★★★ Core x3 Core x3 Core x6 Core x9
★★★★ Core x9 Core x9 Core x18 Core x27
★★★★★ Core x15 Core x15 Core x30 Core x45

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