First added on October 28th 2016's "Halloween Craze" update.

Dormitories are rooms that players can customize with buyable furniture, and interact with their T-Dolls.


The player can drag T-Dolls to pick them up and position them around the room, or onto furniture like chairs or beds.

Aside from that, if a T-Doll in the dorm has a heart-shaped speech bubble over her head, tapping the bubble will award +1 affection.

  • Currently these are the only T-Doll interactions available.


Furniture can be obtained only via PROCUREMENT, using

  1. Procurement Tokens/Coins
  2. Exchange using exchange tickets.

Various items of furniture have different rarity, look and even directional orientation (E.G. Chairs)

Furniture is introduced as part of a seasonal theme update, and is released as a full set.

  • Duplicates of furniture can be exchanged for gift items to give T-Dolls.
  • Displaying a full set of furniture from a theme activates a special room effect unique to that set, and gives a Comfort Level bonus.

Comfort LevelEdit

A dorm's comfort level raises the more and/or rarer the furniture displayed.

Currently the only effect is a bonus affection gain rate relevant to the dorm's comfort level.


Accessed from the procurement menu, via the 采购 (PROCUREMENT) button on the bottom right;

The menu allows purchase of furniture Gacha-style using tokens, or by using exchange tickets.

Procurement TokensEdit

Procurement Tokens can be purchased in the Shop with in-game diamond currency or obtained via certain Quests or Logistic Support.

Daily login rewards and some special events may also give out tokens.

Exchange TicketsEdit

Exchange tickets are rewarded when the player spends tokens. They are given out at a rate of 1:10 (Ticket:Token)

These tickets are used to exchange for items in the current Exchange Pool, accessed via the 兑换 (EXCHANGE) button on the bottom left of the PROCUREMENT window.

  • IMPORTANT: Tickets are only valid for the current season of furniture/costumes, and will be automatically converted to tokens at a rate of 1:1 when the season ends and a new one is introduced.

Exchange PoolEdit

The exchange pool shows the items available for exchange using tickets in this season, it will change when a new season or theme update is introduced.

  • Currently furniture and costumes from previous seasons cannot be obtained via exchange.



Costumes give different CG to their respective T-Dolls, and can only be currently obtained through procurement.

A costume must be given to the corresponding T-Doll as a gift for it to be used.

  • A special themed poster with the costume CG will be obtained when giving a T-Doll a costume.

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