After Version 1.030, due to the PRC law, MICA-Team was forced to censor numerous T-DOLL CGs (Normal and Damaged CGs) to remove 'too' revealing elements.

(E.G. Excessive cleavage, damaged CG showing underwear etc.)

This article shows how to remove the censor and get the original pre-censor CGs back.

  • Attempt at your own risk, as this is a community-sourced (Non-Official) tutorial.
  • UPDATE 14.12.2016 - Apparently this method has been patched. Thus the guide is no longer valid.
  • UPDATE 26.12.2016 - New method updated, still, try at your own risk

The updated method works on both Android and iOS (tested by members of Discord GF community) and doesn't require a rooted phone

Go to crafting section, craft T-Doll 1 time with 666 resources each (nice joke developers), then restart the game

Though this spoiler was available in South Korea until October 15th, it is not available due to the decensor of Game Rating and Administration Committee. The official paper sent to X.D Company and Google Korea read, GRAC blocked all CGs and changed xml files, and also censored illustrations including Kalina's Live 2D.

Sources & CreditEdit

This tutorial was originally taken from the Community Discord