This section covers Combat Simulation.

Combat Simulation are simulated battles, with varying awards depending on day of the week.

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  • Overall control of Combat Simulations are identical to Combat Missions.
  • Higher level simulations are unlocked as the previous ones are cleared.
  • Simulations do not have resource or resupply concerns.
  • Echelons can only be deployed during the deployment phase. Additional deployment after starting the simulation is unavailable.
  • Combat Simulations cannot be paused unlike normal combat missions.
  • The player has infinite action points during simulations.

Energy PointsEdit

'Energy Points' are required to launch simulations.



(Basic Training)


(Intermediate Training)


(Advanced Training)

ENERGY COST 1 point 2 points 3 points
  • Energy points are regenerated every 2 hours.
  • Alternatively energy points are also purchasable with diamonds. (Note: After the first purchase there is a price markup for all subsequent purchases.)


Availability: MON・THURS・SUN

Awards: T-Doll Experience

Objective: Eliminate all enemies

Basic Overview
  • Experience Training courses feature simulated enemies.
  • T-Dolls will not be actually damaged, neither will resources be consumed.
  • No resupply is needed, echelons will have full supply throughout the simulation.

Simulationbattle result

Experience Training end-result screen

  • Complete victories give a bonus to experience gained.
  • Experience is split evenly between all participating T-Dolls.
  • Experience is still gained on defeat, albeit highly reduced.

Simulation Layouts WIP

  • 初级训练 (Basic Training)
  • 中级训练 (Intermediate Training)
  • 高级训练 (Advanced Level)

Availability: TUES・FRI・SUN

Awards: Enhancement Pill

Objective: Eliminate enemy target

Basic Overview
  • Reinforcement Exercise courses feature an 'enemy' target that has no attack capability.
  • Courses feature 'Random' nodes, giving a chance to obtain resources or additional enhancement pills.
  • Enhancement pills are used in the Factory Power-up menu. A pill can be used to enhance T-Dolls instead of 4 T-Doll materials.


  • Enhancement Training awards no T-Doll EXP.

Simulation Layouts WIP

  • 初级训练 (Basic Training)
  • 中级训练 (Intermediate Training)
  • 高级训练 (Advanced Level)

Availability: WED・SAT・SUN

Awards: Training Data

Objective: Eliminate enemy target within time limit

Basic Overview
  • Data Sampling courses feature an 'enemy' target with no attack capability. Day and Night battle modes available.
  • Training data type is awarded correspondingly to the type of course completed.
  • Training data is used on the Research menu to train T-Doll skills.


Simulationbattle traindata get

Training Data obtained!

  • Enhancement Training awards no T-Doll EXP.
  • If the timer expires before the target is destroyed, training data is still awarded albeit at a reduced amount.
  • Award amount varies according to time taken to destroy the target.

Simulation Layouts WIP

  • 初级训练 (Basic Training)
  • 中级训练 (Intermediate Training)
  • 高级训练 (Advanced Level)


  • Unlocked by clearing MIDNIGHT 2-4

Awards: Placeholder

Objective: Placeholder

Basic Overview



  • Defense Training placeholder.

Simulation Layouts WIP

  • 初级训练 (Basic Training)
  • 中级训练 (Intermediate Training)
  • 高级训练 (Advanced Level)

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